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Server OS

A server is a host computer on the network that stores information and performs critical functions for a particular purpose.

Examples of types of server:

  • File server – General data and file storage.
  • Print server – . Management of print queues.
  • Web server – Storage and availability of web documents.
  • E-mail server – . Directs email to the appropriate destination.
  • Backup server – . Provides redundancy by copying the contents of another server.
  • SQL server/Database server – Provides access to database files.

The operating system is the single most important programme on a computer and provides a platform to run applications. The most popular PC operating systems are: DOS, Mac, Windows and Linux.

Essentially an operating system has two primary functions:

  • Management of the computer’s hardware and software resources eg processor, memory and disk space.
  • A stable, consistent method for applications to communicate with the computer hardware.