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Network Analysis & Troubleshooting

With the advent of converged voice and data technologies and the ever-increasing reliance placed on network services, network downtime has become even more costly.

To maintain a flexible communications infrastructure it is important to fully understand the current network environment and develop a plan for future requirements.

One of the fundamental requirements for optimum Network Management is the basic knowledge of how a network is operating on a day to day basis and to be able to recognise any changes. There are often tell-tale indicators and minor symptoms that could alert of impending problems and unless it is known how the network operates normally, any changes could be over-looked. The best way to become familiar with what is normal operation is to collect and plot statistical data about the network. This should include a breakdown of the activity present on the network and profile statistics about the users on the network, often called a network analysis or baseline report. Once a reference point is established, regular comparing and monitoring of the network will produce trend analyses and alert to any significant deviations. This will help maintain a healthy network long term.

RHM’s Analyser™ provides an in-depth analysis and report of all functional areas of the IT infrastructure.

When will your business need Analyser™?

  • Your network has grown over several years.
  • You are new to the company / position and don’t know the network.
  • New applications are being rolled out and you need to know what impact they may have.
  • End users are complaining about slow network connections.

The Benefits of Analysis:

  • Optimum network performance.
  • Identification of potential problems before they occur.
  • Ability to make informed decisions on how proposed new systems will impact on the existing infrastructure.
  • Focus for additional investment in networking technologies.
  • RHM’s investment in network monitoring equipment and certified network consultants.

Downtime, slow response times or bottlenecks in the network are costly, often resulting in lost sales, lost customers and lost productivity – something every IT department works hard to avoid. However, it is not always possible to prevent all possible downtime scenarios or be able to detect the reasons why this should happen in the first place.

RHM’s troubleshoot service provides rapid, definitive, on-site diagnosis of network infrastructure, network operating system and network application problems. Our technicians are not only highly skilled in all aspects of IT network infrastructure, they also have a wealth of experience in diagnosing problems and are able to quickly identify the area of the network that may be causing the problem. With the aid of specialised network testing equipment that collects statistical data from the network, we can definitively prove our findings and then advise corrective actions.

Technically we diagnose all seven layers of the OSI model –

  • Application – Slow response times/optimisation
  • Presentation – Compression/Encryption
  • Session – Dropped connections
  • Transport – Retransmissions/throughput
  • Network – Missing networks/congestion
  • Data Link – CRC errors, Encapsulation
  • Physical – Speed sensing/Cabling

Benefits of choosing RHM:

  • RHM’s accredited network engineers identify and resolve a multitude of network issues on a daily basis and receive frequent education and updates direct from industry leading vendors relating to emerging issues, updates, patches and fixes. Therefore providing a highly experienced and educated team to ensure swift symptom and fault recognition and best practice resolutions.
  • RHM has invested in high performance analysis and testing equipment which, coupled with the experience and knowledge of the engineers, further adds to quick and efficient fault identification and satisfaction.